Monday, August 17, 2009

Parent Visit Day Six: Ike's Place

After our feasting the previous day, we decided to dine out only for lunch on day 6. It should, therefore, go without saying that we went to Ike's. If there is a better thing to eat for lunch in this fair city than an Ike's Place sandwich, I have yet to find it. The fresh-baked bread, the crisp veggies, the delicious assortment of vegan "meats" and "cheeses", and yes - oh yes! - the dirty sauce.... it's perfection.

On my previous visit, I had the "Backstabber" while my husband went for the "Meatless Mike" (above), and we swooned and declared Ike's to be sandwich heaven. This time around, only my parents ordered sandwiches (I wanted too, really, but my stomach was in desperate need of a break), with my dad taking the husband's orders and going for the MM, while mom did her own thang and went with the "Vegan Curtis" - soy turkey and cheese with marinara and all the veggies:

Both parents were thrilled, and by the time lunch was over, they were sadly trying to figure out why nobody was serving sandies that good in central NJ. Sorry, folks. No Ike's franchise yet.

That evening, while dining on salads at home, I let my folks know I was whisking them off to Santa Cruz the next morning for vegan treats by the beach. More on that coming soon!

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