Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Boston Day Two: Masao's and My Thai

Still being on California time, I woke up late on day two, so the first meal of the day was lunch. One thing (among many) I love about visiting Shelley is that she's got the vegan food plan ready so I can just show up and eat! With her to lead the way, I was sitting quite happily in Masao's Kitchen in Waltham before I knew it.

This homey buffet-style restaurant, and its super-nice proprietor, Masao, totally won me over. Everyone was so kind and everything was so tasty and healthy that if I lived nearby I know I'd be a regular. Masao's is proving to folks on the daily that vegan macrobiotic food can be good, as well as good for you. Those are some of the hot options above, and here's my delicous plate:

Squash, beans, salad, rice, broccoli... all were devoured and left me feeling great for the rest of the day. Thanks, Masao!

We were in Boston proper come dinner time and Shelley was excited to show us one of her faves: My Thai. Good vegan Asian food is often hard to come by, but Shelley had been coming to this place for years, so I knew we were in for a treat. What I did not anticipate was that the menu would be like 15 pages long! Choosing an appetizer and an entree took quite some time, but I was very very happy with my choices. Then again, so was everyone else. Can it be that everything they make is delicious? I believe it can. Check out my fantastic meal:

I had the mango salad to start. In a vinaigrette of lime, chili, mint, cilantro, and peanuts, the shredded mango comes to life, and underneath it all lies some of the tastiest vegan chicken I've ever had. The flavors here were so intense and bright and I could have gone on eating it for quite some time. Magnificent. Next up was the Massaman curry tofu. I have liked this dish elsewhere, but I loved it here. Deep rich red curry and boiled peanuts meet up with sesame oil, herbs, veggies, and tofu, to create layers of flavors that just boogie down in your mouth. Amazing. And the perfect way to cool down the spice at the end of the meal?

We all split this HUGE slice of sweet and refreshing lemon poppyseed cake. Light and fluffy, and with a super-fab lemon cream cheese frosting, this was a slice of vegan yum I didn't expect to find in an Asian cafe, but which I happily helped to finish all the same.

Next up: Tastes of the Southwest served up in the Northeast.


Lindsay said...

I love My Thai!

If you want to try some other good vegan food there is a Cambodian place in Allston next to Grasshopper called YoMa that is good- ask for the veg menu

Sky said...

I definitely will.... though I'm only in Boston once a year or so. I'll add YoMa to the list for next time - thanks! :)