Thursday, November 29, 2012

Enjoy Veggie

I know I am late to the game on this one, y'all.  I'm even late to the "new" location of this restaurant, but I finally get what all the hype is about.  Enjoy Veggie has ruined me for all other soy (or wheat or yam) meat Asian restaurants.  Here's why:

Two words.  Fried Pumpkin.  I mean, hell, fried anything is good, but the pumpkin lover in me was thrilled with this dish.  I suggest topping these golden nuggets with some of the addictive chili sauce on the table.  Yum!

My husband had the Mongolian Beef and devoured it.  He claims the texture was very realistic.  That always creeps me out, so I'm glad I didn't get it.  BUT, just look at all the veggies!  That, dear readers, is the reason I adore Enjoy Veggie.  No rice and "meat" here - every dish comes loaded with super fresh veggies.   Even my Kung Pao Tofu:

Tofu and broccoli and peanuts, oh my!   It was delish.   I will definitely be back to EV in the future, but meanwhile, I'm headed to some places I've wanted to try for a while....  up next:  An omni restaurant with a separate menu for veggies and gluten-free folk.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm BACK!!!!

Ok, so yeah, it's been like 4 months or so.  Lots happened, lots still happening, but I'm back.  I've been eating (duh) and I have a little more time for blogging now, but my real encouragement for getting back into it was a chance meeting at Anthropologie a few weeks ago.  A lovely lass named Rachel helped me into my dressing room and then politely told me that she recognized me from my blog and thanked me profusely for writing it, as it helped her find many vegan eats when she moved to SF.  It was a very cool moment (THANKS RACHEL!), and so here I am with more vegan eats for you, from SF and beyond.....

First meal up is definitely from the "beyond" category.  I was recently in Philly and finally got to try the renowned vegan restaurant, Vedge.  Check out my sweet potato pate:

This pureed sweet potato gets all sorts of seasoned (with magic methinks), formed into a perfect pate, and served up with crostini, a smattering of bright arugula, and some whole grain mustard.  Food genius, right off the bat.   But it gets better!

I saw pierogies on the menu and knew I had to try them, but these, filled with butternut squash and served with roasted veggies and a light garlic broth were perfection.  It's like Vedge consulted my exact palate before making these dishes, I swear... and this was certainly the case when it came to dessert.

This "chocolate uber chunk" combines a dark chocolate and peanut/pretzel crust with malt custard and stout ice cream.  Go ahead, read that again and make sure you got it all.  Right!?!  Right.  Amazeballs.  Sweet, salty, rich, and decadent - I could happily eat this dessert after every meal for all eternity.

So yeah, Vedge totally lived up to the hype.  I can't wait to go back when I'm in Philly next month and try even more yummies.   And, speaking of places exceeding expectations, next up is a restaurant in San Francisco that I've been meaning to try forever and finally hit up last weekend.  Stay tuned....