Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boston Day Three: Cottonwood

On day three, we headed to the 'burbs, Whole Foods salads in hand, to go meet a friend's new baby. Quick shout out to the Whole Foods salad bar for continuing to be a go-to lunch destination that does not disappoint. I, and the baby's mama, were very pleased.

Back in Boston for dinner, and knowing that nothing goes better with vacation than margaritas, we headed to Cottonwood. (That's their strawberry margarita on the left, by the way. Isn't is pretty?) From looking at the menu online I knew there were a number of veganizable dishes, but I was very impressed when the waiter came over and said, "I see from the reservation note that you are vegan. Here's what we can do....." and proceeded to rattle off about half a dozen options. I'm simple when it comes to Mexican and Southwestern food though. He had me at guacamole.

Soon a vat of the stuff, along with two insanely good salsas and a basket o' chips, was on our table. Score. For some 'real' food, I went with the dinner-sized portion of their San Mateo Salad, which was muy delicioso.

Filled with greens, veggies, dried cranberries, and sunflower seeds, it was light yet satisfying. Since the dressing had sour cream in it, the waiter asked if I'd like a vinaigrette instead. I opted just for some lime slices. A squeeze or two, along with some salt and pepper, was all I needed.

My dining companion went with the flatbread pizza, sans cheese of course. This is pizza on a corn tortilla essentially, and it's super crisp and piled high with well-seasoned veggies. I managed to sneak a slice for myself and it was pretty great, but even better when topped with a little guacamole. Then again, what isn't?

All in all, Cottonwood was even more vegan-friendly than I thought it would be and I'd go back in a heartbeat if I lived anywhere nearby. With a friendly and knowledgeable staff, great drinks, and food worth writing about (ahem), it's somewhere I can confidentally recommend as a good option for vegans and others alike.

Next up: A vegan smorgasbord of epic proportions, and the best damn pizza dough evah!

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