Saturday, July 4, 2009


I'm taking a break from reporting on the delicacies of Southern Florida to let you all know that I finally ordered, received, and tried the highly acclaimed Daiya "cheese". I got both the Italian and cheddar varieties but it was a no-brainer which one I would use first. I'm a pizza lover after all!

You gotta have a good base when making a pizza, so I started with Mom's Pizza Dough. For frozen dough, it's damn yummy. Next up was the sauce. I went with my favorite of the jarred tomato sauces - Rao's. Then I took the plunge. I cut open the bag of shreds and piled 'em high. For good flavor (and a little color), I sprinkled the pie with a smidge of oregano before putting it in the oven. Here are the before and after shots:

Was it the best dairy-free mozzerella I've ever tried? Yes. Did it blow my mind in the way that I expected based on what everyone has been saying? Not really. I mean it melted, it was gooey, it tasted like cheese, but it did have that dairy-free cheese aftertaste that can be annoying. We found, however, that when we sprinkled garlic powder on our slices it made a big difference and was much yummier.

So, I don't think I'll be getting the Italian shreds again, especially with Beretta so close by, but I am looking forward to making a slammin' mac&cheese with the cheddar at some point. For now though, it's the 4th and I've got veggie dogs to grill and gaucamole to consume. God bless America.

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