Thursday, July 2, 2009

Trying to Remember

Now that I'm back home, I have the joy of getting to relive my vacation in Southern Florida through this blog. Well... the eating parts anyway. It's not always easy to remember the details, especially since there was often wine involved in these adventures, but I'll do my best. Today, since I'm super jet-lagged, I'm going to make things easier on myself and write about the last meal I ate in Miami. Being only newly moved to my memory bank, it's easy to recall, and I do so happily, as it was also scrumptious!

Lincoln Road in Miami Beach (left) is a pedestrian mall lined with tons of great shops and restaurants. It's a fun place to walk around, see some art, watch the parrots up in the palm trees, and eat very, very, well while sitting outside on the plaza and people watching. However, vegan options are slim, so when I came across The Cafe at Books and Books I was stoked. First of all, it's a book store. I love book stores. Secondly, it's the only place (in my experience) in Miami Beach with a well-marked Vegan section on their menu:

Grabbing a seat under an umbrella, I quickly ordered a large sparkling water since it was so dang hot out. After that, the decisions got a little more challenging. Everything sounded so yummy! What to do when you want to try a little of everything? Order the Vegan Platter.This feast comes with grilled corn salad, dijon bean salad, roasted sweet potato salad, amazing grilled tofu, and some huge bagel chips sunk into a heaping mound of garlic-y black bean hummus. I promise you that no matter how hungry you were when you began, you will be full when you leave. Luckily, some more strolling and shopping should work off those delicious calories. Of course, don't forget to check out the book store. This cafe is a real find in Miami Beach, so should you ever find yourself there, hit it up!

Next up, a trip to Ft. Lauderdale for some of America's best vegan fine dining. Stay tuned...

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