Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coconut Milk

Always on the lookout for ways to make breakfast more perfect, I've been trying a bunch of different non-dairy milks lately. Wanting to move away from soy, since that shizzle is in everything these days, I've been happily downing my cereal with hemp milk for some time now, and I love the unsweetened stuff from Manitoba Harvest. Organic, creamy, delicious, and full of essential fatty acids. Yippee!

Then the other day I saw that those wacky folks over at Turtle Mountain - makers of the revolutionary coconut milk yogurt and ice cream that I adore - started selling plain, unsweetened coconut milk. Don't get it twisted; This is not the coconut milk that you get out of a can and use to make your Thai curries. This is drinkable, smooth, goodness for your cereal.

Now, I only use unsweetened milk on my cereal, so that's the only variety I tried. Less sugar means less calories and better for you (I also add sweetness with bananas and berries) but it can also mean a nasty-tasting breakfast. Not so with this stuff. I was also afraid it would taste too overwhelmingly like coconut. Again, not true. All you get here is a cool and creamy way to start your morning, complete with all the medium-chain fatty acids you could want - and all for 50 calories a pop! Gotta love it.

While I still love my hemp milk, and I've even been getting into almond milk, this is another great dairy alternative. With so many out there, it's amazing that people are still suckling cow teet. (Ick.) Cow's milk is made for baby cows, and I'm doing just fine sticking with my nuts and seeds, thanks.

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