Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Ok, so I have to be honest. Part of the allure of visiting Miami is the fact that Ft. Lauderdale is only 30 minutes away. "Does it have better beaches," you ask? Not at all. "Better nightlife?" you inquire. Nope. "Wildlife? Music? Hiking?" you question. No, no, and NO. I love all those things mightily, but this is me we're talking about, and Ft. Lauderdale has, hands down, one of the best vegan restaurants in the country: Sublime.

So aptly named is this serene oasis, that I feel calmer just sitting down to dinner. Calmness, however, soon turns to excitement as I read the menu. So many choices all sounding so good; However is a gal to decide? Well, since I still count the seitan picatta I had at Sublime last year to be among the best things I've ever eaten, I knew I had to have it. Sadly, things were a little different this time around. I don't know if they've entered into some kind of partnership or what, but all the faux meats at Sublime are now Gardein brand. This means that this soy-meat took the place of my beloved seitan in the recipe. This saddened me because Gardein is not organic, which means they probably use GMO soy. It's also crazy-high in protein and super-processed. That being said, I've heard many carnivores, including my husband talk about how it's the closest thing to meat out there. Delicious? Yes. Scary? You bet.

Still, I ordered it - and isn't is beautiful? Lemony sauce covers the yummiest garlic mashed potatoes, and capers and chives just dance on your tongue. Protein aside, it really is outstanding.

It's hard for me to remember, but we ate other food as well, including a complimentary amuse bouche of pesto polenta triangles and a to-die-for artichoke with butter (had to be Earth Balance) and breadcrumbs. Unbelievable savory, earthy, goodness.

To end the night, the husband had the coconut cake with almond tuille and I had the ice cream sundae. Both were decadent, rich, and scrumptious. Needless to say, it was a great meal, but Sublime just didn't score as highly as it had in the past for me. I was much more impressed by my last meal at Millennium, and luckily, that's a lot closer to home! Still, I'll dine here happily whenever I'm in Ft. Lauderdale. It's a beautiful space with wonderful food and people. I'm just hoping they bring back some other protein sources to their menu. Gardein is great for new vegans just starting out, but us seasoned veterans can handle the more natural stuff.

Only one more Southern Florida post to come and then I can tell you about all the good eats I'm having in Los Angeles right now. A summer of travel means a summer of restaurants. I predict a cleanse come September.... :)


shelley said...

I can't believe they changed the piccata! I'm sure it's not as good. I loved those polenta triangles they give you,they were yummy!

Sky said...

Yeah, but I got the cookbook which has the seitan recipe, so if I ever feel inspired, I'll try to make it at home. Damn Gardein.

Joselle said...

That is really wack. Seitan is awesome. And cheap. And relatively easy to make. Why replace it with something wrapped in plastic?

Sky said...

Joselle - wack just about sums it up for me as well! :)