Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Border Grill

Time to talk about L.A. eats! I'll go in reverse chronological order because it also means I'm saving the best for last. :) Read about the Border Grill now, but stay tuned for even yummier stuff coming up...

I have fond memories of the Border Grill. I've eaten there a few times, and always enjoyed it, but my first visit is still my favorite. My bestest friend and I were walking around in Santa Monica in 1998. I was a poor college student. She, a waitress. However, when she saw the restaurant's sign her face lit up. This was long before my own Food Network obsession began, but my pal was already into it, and apparently the chefs at BG had a show called Two Hot Tamales (cute, right?). This meant that we had to go in and eat - even if it meant getting only guacamole and chips because it was all we could afford. Good guacamole then, good guacamole Sunday night:

Creamy avocado and fresh cilantro, tomatoes, onions and garlic. What more do you want? The menu has evolved over the years, but the quality and flavor of the food remains consistently good. One wonderful addition to the menu for us vegans is the note at the bottom which reads "We can make almost any dish with less meat or dairy upon request." They mean it too, and on this last visit I had the Border Vegetables sans dairy. It was scrumptious:

The brussel sprouts were outstanding, but everything else was yummy too. I cleaned my plate with the help of some of the chips that were on the table, mixing the beans in with a dollop of the amazing smokey salsa that comes with said chips. A hearty and satisfying meal, which isn't something you can normally get from an omnivorous kitchen. Next time you want to dine well with your others, Border Grill should be at the top of your list.

Coming Soon: A trip to and old fave... and a new-to-me restaurant that captured my heart!

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