Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dry Creek Peach and Produce Jam

Up north of the Golden Gate, in the wine country of Healdsburg, lies a hidden gem of stone fruit production: Dry Creek Peach and Produce. As the name implies, the specialty here is peaches, and Dry Creek is the ONLY certified organic peach farm in the county. Of course, none of this would mean a damn thing if the peaches weren't delicious, and boy are they... or so I've been told. I know I should drive up to their store (open noon-5 in July and August) one day and get some fresh peaches, but I just haven't gotten around to it. With a road trip not in the cards, I got the next best thing - or maybe it's even better - the jam!

Someone at Dry Creek has kids that go to one of the schools where I teach flute lessons, and so I and a fellow foodie colleague went in on an order of this beautiful jam. Made exclusively from Dry Creek peaches and a little organic sugar (okay, there's probably some pectin in there too), this is some of the most amazing stuff I've ever had the pleasure of eating.

The setting: A cold and foggy night in San Francisco.
The plot: I come home from walking in the spritz and put my bag of peach jam on the counter. I'm cold, wet, and feeling generally hateful toward our summer weather. I take a jar of the jam out and admire it's deep orange-y yellow hue. I take off the lid, inhale deeply, and immediately I know I must taste. I grab a piece of Alvarado Street bread, and slather on the goodness. With first bite, my eyes close, and I am instantly transported somewhere warmer, sweeter, and far more wonderful than my kitchen.
The aftermath: All other jams have been ruined for me. This is the only stuff I want from now on. I want it on toast, on muffins, and definitely in place of that grape gook on my PB&Js. It really is like biting into the best ripe peach you ever had, only sweeter, brighter, and better.

I can't recommend this stuff more highly, y'all. 'Nuff said.

In other news (she wrote, clearing the jam residue from her brain) the husband I are going up to Farm Sanctuary tomorrow and will be spending the weekend at their Country Cabin. I am so excited to meet the animals, bask in the sun and warmth, and explore the area. Full report to follow right here come Monday, so stay tuned.

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