Friday, July 17, 2009

Dr. Fuhrman's Health Getaway

Our Miami trip culminated in my husband's departure to Vegas for a bachelor party, while I went off to put a long-planned surprise into action. My mom, a huge fan of Dr. Fuhrman, had signed up for his Florida Keys getaway long ago and really wanted me to join her. At the time I didn't think I could swing it, financially or time-wise. When I realized I could, I decided to sign up without telling her. With the help of their awesome staff, I was able to arrange it so she thought a car would be picking her up at the airport courtesy of the hotel. Instead, it was me! I wish I had a picture of the shock on her face. It was truly a moment neither one of us will ever forget.... and it only got better from there!

Dr. Fuhrman (between my mom and I, above) is a "nutritarian" which means he promotes eating only the most nutritional of foods. 99% of these foods are vegan, though he does allow for an egg or a small piece of fish once in a while. That's the only thing that gets me about him. But, in general, we're talking greens, veggies, fruits, berries, beans, nuts, and seeds. No salt, no oil. It may sound bland but the chefs were amazing, coming up with some of the tastiest food (super-healthy or otherwise) that I've ever had, and I left the week feeling lighter, cleaner, and better than I had in a while. The perfect thing after a week of gluttony in Miami!

Salad was the majority of what I ate at the getaway and the plentiful salad bar was filled to the brim with fresh ingredients, so that I could have something new every time. Above, I had some greens, some beans, and some cauliflower, all topped with an awesome blueberry dressing.

The simple desserts were definitely a highlight. Here we have banana and fig ice cream. Ingredients? Bananas and figs. SO good.

Dr. Fuhrman is a wealth of information and his lectures over the week taught me so much about how to better take care of myself. I highly recommend vegans and others alike read his latest book, Eat for Health. You may not be able to go on his healthy vacations, but it's pretty simple to incorporate more healthy choices into your diet all the time. Go fot it!

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