Sunday, June 15, 2008

You Probably Saw This Coming

Not even Father's Day could stop me from naming my favorite vegan thing of the day, and OF COURSE my favorite thing of today (and most other days as well!) is my Dad. An on-and-off vegan for years now, he has a new found commitment to it that is inspiring. He is also committed to creating vegan versions of all the totally bad for you Hungarian food he grew up with. Who knew vegan chicken paprikash could be so good?? (Albeit still not that good for you.) My Dad is ever-evolving, but always a wonderfully funny and caring father. I wish I could celebrate the day with him in person, but we'll have time together this summer, complete with dining experiences that I can't wait to write about. For now, Pops, Happy Father's Day! I love you. Oh, and my dad's "speech" at my wedding kicks your dad's speech at your wedding's ass. (Or something more grammatically correct.) Here he is serenading me... and the rest is just for those who were there to treasure forever. Thanks, Dad. :)


jo said...

Definitely the best father "speech" I have ever heard!

Sky said...

Since my dad is not a big blog-reader, I'll pass along the sentiment, Jo. Thanks!