Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Best Traveling Tool

Today I declare that summer has officially begun. I may have a few more days of work left, but the kids won't be around, and that means I can finally start to get excited about all the awesome trips I have planned!* As a vegan, I always try to scout online for the best places to find good grub before I head to a particular locale (of course, non-vegans who just like good food do this too) and the site I turn to time and time again is Happy Cow. This wonderous web find has never let me down, and I will use it to guide me toward good food this summer and beyond.

*In case you're wondering, I'm off to Portland, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, New Jersey, NYC, Boston, Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles, and Monterey this summer. I am one lucky gal!

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Joan said...

You sure are a lucky gal! I'm jealous.