Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tickets, Please

In a few short hours, the hubby and I will be off to Portland for a long weekend of vegan R and R, and one of my most favorite vacationy things to do is read magazines on the plane. I rarely have time in real life for such frivolity, so I really like to make it count by indulging in only the best - and that of course means VegNews! To that end, you can only imagine how happy I was to receive the latest issue in the mail yesterday, just in time for my trip. If you haven't read this well-written, funny-yet-informative, chock-full-of-info magazine yet, you had best go get yourself a copy today. VegNews rocks, and never as much as in their latest music issue, complete with the gorgeous Erykah Badu on the cover. They're even having a launch party to celebrate this issue. A party that I REALLY want to go to. REALLY. However, yours truly was a little late in purchasing tickets to said party, and now it's sold out. So, here I am on my virtual knees begging my readers - if anyone happens to have an extra ticket (or better yet, two!) PLEASE let me know. I'll be forever in your debt, plus I promise to mention you on the blog, and give you a goodie bag complete with all the edibles I've named as "faves of the day" so far. You know you want to help me out.... right?

In other news, I'll be in Portland soon, and depending on connectivity and inclination, I may or may not be posting for a while. You can look forward to tales from Food Fight Grocery, Nutshell and Veganopolis, as well as the hunt for Form and Fauna shoes. See you soon!

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