Monday, June 2, 2008

New Feature

To keep my avid readers (Hi, Mom) content between meals, I've decided to add a new little feature to the blog. As often as I can - and I'm aiming for everyday here folks - I will be simply naming my favorite vegan item of the day. The only rule is that it's vegan, so while it could be food related, it need not be in order to get mentioned here. Got it? Good. It is not lost on me that this is way more vegan than other-friendly, but others need to know how to keep their vegans happy, right?

So, for today, my item is...drum roll please... Soy Feta by Sunergia. I'm trying to eat less soy these days, but this is a tough item to give up. A relatively new addition to my fridge, it has given me back my long-lost love of Greek Salads. Crumble it up on some greens with kalamata olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, and some oil and vinegar, and you're good to go. Plus it's all non-GMO, organic, low-fat, and the whole darn package only has 240 calories. Sunergia, I love you.


Anonymous said...

do you ever think about how wonderful a mouth full of medium rare fillet would taste right now? think about it the next time you eat a soy feta whatever.

Sky said...


Um, no I never think about that because my choice is not to harm - that means myself, my planet, or some cow. Charred muscle and fat ain't my thang, homey. But good lookin' out.

Joselle said...

I bought the soy feta a few weeks ago. I must concede, it's okay all mixed in but not my favorite. I absolutely love love love Sunergia's Thai-flavored tofu. So yummy.

Viva Las Vegans, the vegan food truck in Philly, got a big shipment of Teese. I hope to try a sampling of that soon!

Sky said...


To each her own, eh? I love the stuff... but I'm all about trying Teese as soon as I can. And I LOVE Sheese's Garlic and Herb "cream cheese" too. As for the Thai tofu, I've never tried their flavored tofus. I don't think my store carries them. :(