Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Perfect Follow-up

After my beer-blogging yesterday, I got all excited about alcohol and overdid it by a wee margin at the BBQ. It was a great time though, and because I have the sure-fire hangover cure, I'm now back to my old self. What is this magical potion you ask? Well, it's something I've become rather addicted to as of late: GT's Synergy Kombucha. Now, let me be clear here. I really only like the flavors that also have ginger in them (Trilogy and Gingerberry). Those are the ones that really seem to kick-start my system. I will also say that my husband insists this fermented beverage tastes far too much like vinegar to be palatable. It is an acquired taste, but it's one I love. I usually have one a day anyway, but I find that after some over-indulging, a couple of swigs in the morning set me straight again. Keep it in mind the next time your afternoon BBQ turns into an all-nighter.

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