Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Fruits of Summer

It was a weekend without any restaurant experiences, but we had plenty of good meals all the same. We had friends in town, and even though they went to a wedding with great food, they decalred that this fruit salad I made for brunch on Saturday was the best meal of the weekend. I generally make "mono-meals" of fruits, meaning I'll eat one kind at a time, so a fruit salad was not something that came too naturally for me. However, it being summer in the Bay Area and all, I knew I couldn't miss if I just went to Rainbow and picked what looked best. In this case, that meant the following: Ripe golden pineapple, juicy strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, the most seductive yellow peaches, plump red grapes, fresh figs that would blow your mind, and 3 giant mangoes. The latter turned out to be be not so ripe, so only a bit of the flesh ended up in the salad, BUT I squeezed the juice of all the mangoes onto the fruit salad, and it had the effect of sweetening the whole bowl as though I had added sugar syrup. This was so intensely yummy, and I feel very proud of how it turned out. Therefore, my vegan favorite for today is fruit salad. Vegans and others alike, go enjoy the fruits of summer while they last!

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