Friday, January 16, 2009

Some Updates

Well folks, this is what happens when your camera stops working. No cool food pics to look at. Instead I bring a brief interruption to your daily life in the form of updates.

First up is Mission Beach Cafe. Just looked at their latest menu online. Not a vegan thing in site. I really liked it there the one time I went, back when they had a vegan entree. Oh well....

Secondly, Lettus Cafe has changed its name and is now The Plant Cafe. Why the change? I have no idea. Lettus is pretty lame, and I'm not sure Plant is any better, but whatever. The food straight up rocks and I'd eat there even if they called it "This is Not Vegan Cafe."

Thirdly, my love of Imagine's Tomato Soup, not to mention their butternut squash variety, caused me to buy another creamy-with-no-cream flavor: Acorn Squash with Mango. I hereby declare it to be weird. Not bad, just weird. The mango was more tart than sweet, or maybe that was the squash. In any case, I won't be buying it again. They make too many other yummy soups for me to waste my time on weirdness.

Lastly, I'm going to Paul K tomorrow. It's been on my list of places to try for a long while because I drive past it almost every day and they seem to have some vegan items on the menu. Stay tuned to see if it's any good for us animal-free types. Unfortunately there will be no pictures, so I promise to use my most descriptive language. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!Link

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