Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dinner At Home For Once

The husband and I decided to stay in and try to make some Indian food last night and the results were awesome. Since he is actually Indian, and grew up eating his mom's ridiculously good food, he is rather hard to please. I went for it anyway and got a big bunch of cauliflower, some naan, and a wonderfully flavorful Madras simmer sauce from Seeds of Change. I just threw it all together in a pan and the result was slammin'! Not all of these sauces are vegan, but this one is, and I highly recommend it. It makes for an easy and really yummy dinner. Afterwards, I remembered about a small bar of chocolate I got a while ago, and it was the perfect dessert. I was afraid this Vosges concoction would be too spicy what with its gaujilla and pasilla peppers, but the smooth and sweet Tanzanian chocolate mellowed it out and made it delicious. Another EatsWell recommendation. Try these yourself and enjoy!


Amanda said...

I LOVE Seeds of Change products.
thats all. ahem :/

Sky said...

Yeah, they're good stuff, and I love the name. :)