Friday, January 2, 2009

Candle 79

Okay, back to my east coast ramblings. We awoke on Day Two in NYC to freezing temperatures and a gross rain/snow mixture. Luckily this did not stop our parents (both the husband's and mine) from trekking in from New Jersey for brunch at Candle 79. To be honest, I don't think anything could keep my parents from this place. It's definitely one of their faves, and for good reason! The food at this all-vegan restaurant is always amazing and the atmosphere is always inviting and friendly, so we were happy to start our time together with a meal here. None of us had ever been to brunch here before, and we were in for a treat.

I decided to keep it strictly breakfast and order the waffles with a side of sausage. They came out piping hot and sticky sweet, with fresh fruit, toasted pecans, and a strawberry butter to die for. The sausage was a bit dry and not as well-seasoned as it could have been, but still pretty good. Meanwhile, my companions were enjoying such offerings as nori rolls and garlic hummus platters. Those are all I took pictures of, but my husband wants you to know that he loved his pancakes too!

I must say that while we had a great time, the service on this trip was a bit lack-luster. Our coffee never got refilled, food was slow to come out, and there was a general feeling of chaos and apathy in the air. I almost forgot about it because at the end one of the owners came by to chat us up and was just so nice, but that didn't quite make up for all the rest. So, as good as it is, I'm ready for something different next time I'm in town (back to Gobo with me!). Until then, I'm back up and running in San Francisco and will be dining out soon no doubt. Stay tuned.


Clapper said...

What was the sausage made out of?

Sky said...

Seitan I believe. There is amazing seitan sausage to be had out there - this just wasn't it.

Joan said...

What a place AND the beginning of your whole week in NJ! It went so fast!

Sky said...

It did go by fast... as usual. So much to eat, so little time. :)