Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sorbetto... yum

Time for a quick vegan favorite I reckon. So, remember when I went to DOSA the other night, and I raved about their Deep Chocolate Sorbet? Well, the waitress passed along the info that it was made by Ciao Bella. Silly thing that I am, I dismissed her as being clueless because Ciao Bella only makes gelato, right? Um, wrong. Turns out Ciao Bella has quite the line up of yummy sorbets. I went right out and got a pint at Rainbow (where else?) but you can buy them in a store near you. Yes, that includes the chocolate. Now, at DOSA, they up the anti by adding in crushed Valrhona dark chocolate and a sprig fresh mint to the mix, but this decadent Chocolate Sorbetto is more than fine on its own. Plus, it's got only 157 calories per serving and, like most sorbets, very little fat and no icky animal stuffs. Happy New Year to me.... and to you too of course!

The chocolate pint is the purple one on top should you go looking for it. :)


Joan said...

I don't need you to keep finding new things I want to eat! Some of us are trying to lose weight here you skinny bitch!

Sky said...

Damn, Ma, that's harsh. If you don't want to find yummy things to eat, you probably should cease reading my blog! :)

Joan said...

Never- and it was a reference to the book of that title! Love you - you must know that!

Amanda said...

me and aslan eat skinny people for dinner
and lunch
and breakfast

i will try the ciao bella - ive always enjoyed the pretty cartons
thanks for the suggestions!