Saturday, January 10, 2009

Brunch at Fellini

After a rather mediocre dinner at Fellini a while back, I was looking forward to going back for brunch. After all, all the vegans rave about it, and it's so rare that brunch food goes vegan at a mainstream restaurant. There were plenty of "other-friendly" foods available to be sure, and my companions filled themselves with omelettes and the like, but my Vegan Soy Scramble was off the hook. Savory and delicious crumbled tofu meets with soy sausage and bacon and it all gets spiced up and served with scrumptiously seasoned potatoes, some orange slices, and your choice of toast (I went rye) with vegan margarine and jam. Alongside one damn good cup of coffee, this is a wonderful way to start a weekend. Fellini might have missed the mark at dinner, but brunch was a bullseye. Me and my others will definitely be back.

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