Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vegan Soul Kitchen

Taking a break from eating to make a recommendation: If you and your others haven't picked up a copy of Vegan Soul Kitchen by Bryant Terry yet, you must do so with a quickness. My friend Joselle gave a copy away over at Vegans of Color, but I had to withdrawal myself from the running because my very own was on its way to my door from the magical internet. As soon as it arrived I knew it was a keeper. I mean, c'mon, a cookbook with a soundtrack? Making Johnny Blaze Cakes while listening to Method Man? Yes please. Not only that, but these tasty apps, meals, and treats are brought to you by a genuinely good person. Mr. Terry dedicates himself to food justice activism - something I hope to become more involved in myself - through his Southern Organic Kitchen Project.

My only gripe? I've read through a lot of the recipes, and so far, no Mos Def on the soundtrack. Seeing as how I cook almost exclusively to the sounds of Mr. Dante Smith, I'm gonna need to change my ways to get the full experience. Something tells me it'll be worth it though, so I'll crank up the tunes, put on a pot of collards, and grab some friends because VSK is a great book to bring together us vegans and all our others. After all, a little food can make a big difference.

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