Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ooh Baby, I like it Raw

Been doing a lot of eating and drinking lately, and decided it was time to lighten the load on my system a bit. So, since Monday I've been eating all raw foods. Those of you that know me know that I was 100% raw for 2 and a half years. I've never felt better... but I really missed the social aspect of food. Sharing meals with friends and family just wasn't the same when nobody was eating the same things as me. Plus cooked food is just plain yummy. That being said, whenever I feel the need to regain balance and gain some vitality, I go raw for a while. I love eating all the best fruits, greens, sprouts, nuts, and seeds out there, and I love to shop for those things even more.

One of the places I always head before a raw cleanse is Cafe Gratitude. This quirky bastion of all things uncooked now has 6 locations throughout the Bay Area, but I'm partial to the 1st - a tiny space full of love and happiness on Harrison Street. When I walked in the other day, I headed to the cooler in the back where the to-go items are, and got my two faves: The almond hummus ("I am Happy") and the olive tapenade ("I am Opulent"). Both are delicious. But then I saw the cutest bottle of raw almond milk and had to have it. This then prompted my decision to go for the raw granola ("I am Great"). Holy crap is that stuff good. Apples and coconut and sprouted buckwheat, oh my! Not only do I get to eat well, but now, whenever I open my fridge, a wonderful question awaits:

Now isn't that something to ponder in these rough and tumble times?

Cafe Gratitude is beloved by vegans, both raw and cooked, along with all the "others" out here by the bay. Next time you want to eat an amazing meal and feel good too, go on over and feel the love.


Amanda said...

ok, this is where you get me. I have Crohn's disease so I can't eat a lot of high fiber foods or anything spicy. Eating raw stuff, for whatever reason, to me sounds excellent. I like the idea that I can eat a salad with some nuts and whatever and that's how it was meant to be eaten. I wonder if I should experiment one week and see what happens? I can eat seeds and not get sick, but some vegetables kill me.

Sky said...

I would eat all the fruits, veggies, and seeds you can stand for one week and see if you don't feel better. Honestly, everyone I know that has gone raw for one week has been absolutely amazed. I mean, hell, I decided to do it for one week and it turned into 2 and a half years! :)