Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Plant Cafe

It may have a relatively new name, but The Plant Cafe (formerly Lettus) continues to serve up sustainable and delicious food - a lot of it vegan - to Marina folks day and night. We went there last night craving salads, but then I remembered a friend telling me about the greatness of their veggie burger. I went for it and was not disappointed. Plus, it came with a side salad so I still got my greens.
The bright red color comes from the beets in the mix. Other ingredients include cashews, bulgur, lentils, and mushrooms. Topped with grilled onions, crisp lettuce and tomatoes, and a slammin' garlic aioli, it was really great and totally hit the spot. My only issue is that it didn't hold together like a burger. In fact, I opened it up and spread it around a bit, like it was a pate, to cover all the bread. Still, I would eat it again in a heartbeat and it will more than satisfy any burger craving. Of course, The Plant caters to all dietary habits, so both vegans and others (gluten-phobes too!) can share the love... and the yummy food.


Amanda said...

Sounds like something I would eat, minus the mushrooms. The color really scares me though, I'd have to eat it with my eyes closed.

Sky said...

Don't forget that meat is that color because of BLOOD before they cook it, my dear. :) I'd much rather eat vitamins than blood.

Amanda said...

omg, gross. ok!!!

Suzy said...

As a young girl, my mother (Sky's grandmother) cooked with ground beef often (it was "fiscally responsible" in those days). My mom was a nosher and would often nibble bits of even the cheapest ground beef as she prepped it (this was pre-E. coli, when even the cheapest raw beef was safe to snack on).

As a young bride cooking in the 70s, I must admit I did the same. Though at the time it was tasty (and disease-free), I look back now in horror!! I have Sky to thank for my heightened awareness of what I eat.

And as I write this, dining on a vegan Boca Burger pan-fried in olive oil with organic tomato, onion and basil, I marvel at the circle of life that brought the infant Sky (who captured our hearts from day one of babyhood) to the yogurt-guzzling child to the pizza-and-french-fries vegetarian high schooler to the refined-schooled-sophisticated-learned woman teacher of earth-friendly nutrinomics who continues to lead the way of the fork as a nonviolent weapon of change.

Sure, I'm biased. But in no way does that diminish her food-cred; she is the real deal! Believe me, I've tried to outlearn her (and I'm no slouch) but Sky reigns supreme in all things health-foodie. Listen, learn, and love. The planet will thank you.

Much love to all,

Aunt Suzy

Sky said...

Wow, what nice compliments, Aunt Suzy! Glad to hear your own adventure in veganism is going well! Love you much. :)