Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cafe Nook

Yesterday was a bright and sunny day and, shockingly enough, the husband and I had no plans. When we tired of laying around the house, we decided to get some grub. I always keep a "restaurants to try" list, and right at the top was a neighborhood place that seemed perfect for lunch: Cafe Nook. Now, it isn't quite in our neighborhood, but it's only a 20 minute walk away, so I'm going to let it count. Nook is over on Hyde Street in Russian Hill, which is an area of town I just adore. There are some restaurants and wine bars and the cable cars come through, giving it a real old school San Francisco charm. We entered the cafe right before the lunch rush, snagged a table, and settled in for some good grub. I ordered the mixed greens in balsamic dressing, and the portion of greens was huge. Perfect for me, since I love me some greens. I also got the hummus and olive tapenade plate, which was delicious. Here are pics of both:

They have a pretty good selection of sandwiches, one of which was vegan, and they also have vegan desserts (yesterday they had a cherry pie which looked awesome). I wasn't that hungry though, so I'll have to go back for a carbo-load some other day. I am just happy to have found a close by, un-stuffy, vegan-friendly cafe round these parts. I'd recommend Cafe Nook for a lingering brunch or lunch anytime.


Amanda said...

ok, this is for you:

it's where to find Tribe hummus in CA lol

I just had the "forty spices" and it's knocking my socks off!

Sky said...

You are a true friend.... but now that Wildwood is making organic hummus with probiotics I may never eat another hummus again.
In fact, I should blog about that soon!

Amanda said...

OMG!!!! i will have to sneak it in somehow!