Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Would-Be Favorite

I've recently given up soy after reading some scary stuff about it's effects on women of childbearing age (that would be me), and I'm sad to say that I'm finding these little beans, or their derivatives, are in nearly everything. I mean, obviously the tofu dogs and burgers and other fake meats have to go, but I was never into them much anyway. The real killer for me? Earth Balance. I could write odes to its buttery-goodness.... goodness derived in part from soybean oil. Ugh. Thus began my search for a dairy-free and soy-free butter substitute. It actually wasn't too hard to find some, but they all contain partially hydrogenated oils, and I just don't swing that way. So, now I am having a moment of "Oh-my-good-lord-everything-on-the-planet-is-bad-for-me" and wishing I didn't give a rat's ass about my health or animals or the planet. But, alas, I do care, and so it is with hope that I declare dairy-free, soy-free, and trans-fat-free margarine as my would-be favorite of the day. Oh, and if it could also be organic, that'd be fantastic. Thanks.

For more info on soy click here.


Anonymous said...

I just saw that you had a site, cool! This could come in handy with my Crohns stuff! I had no idea about the soy, doh!

Sky said...

Yeah soy (like corn) is in everything! Gotta love farm subsidies. Hope you enjoy the site! I really do it just for myself for fun, but I love when people comment. :)

Anonymous said...

Ya, i am the same. I read it, and the boy will snoop every now and then.

I have plenty to read, thanks!