Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sunny Day Fave

We are in the midst of a full-on heat wave in San Francisco - something I relish because it doesn't happen very often and it tends to be over quickly. As it also happens to be a Saturday, there was no better place to be in the city this morning than the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market. My favorite for today, it is chock full of goodies for vegans and others alike. I love to stroll around, taking in the smells and the views and, of course, the samples. The husband and I are planning a wine and cheese evening at home, so I stocked up on some great bread from Della Fattooria, a jar of McEvoy olives, Affi's yummy eggplant spread, some rosemary salt from Eatwell Farm, and tons of fresh veggies for a big salad. I also got my husband some organic cheese from Cowgirl Creamery. How will the cheese part of this evening play out for me you ask? Well, I am way too psyched to try the little wheel of Dr. Cow cashew cheese I got the other day. Rainbow is currently one of the only places you can purchase this delight outside of New York, and foodies - both vegan and non - are going gaga over it. We'll be opening up the Robert Sinskey vineyard reserve and picnicking on the balcony. Life in San Francisco can be pretty sweet. Below are just some pictures of today's favorite from today. I'm off to get back outside. Enjoy the weekend wherever you are!

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