Sunday, September 7, 2008

Favorites From Last Night's Dinner

The previous entry contains all the information about our dinner last night, in case you missed it. Everything was delicious, but I thought it only appropriate to tell you what my favorites were. I know I should just pick one thing, but there were two stars of the show: The Dr. Cow cheese, and the "Aubergine" spread from Affi's. The former shocked me with it's spot-on cheese consistency. I had the "Aged Cashew Cheddar" variety and, while I'm not sure it tasted just like cheddar, it was really really good and didn't have any of the spongey slimyness that soy-based cheeses can have. The picture on the left shows our "his and hers" cheese plate, with his real stuff on the left, and the Dr. Cow on the right. As someone who's missed cheese and crackers, I am delighted to finally have something to fill the void.

While the cashew cheese was a revelation, the eggplant spread was just really damn tasty. With a texture somewhere between hummus and tapenade, this smoky and slightly spicy concoction went really well with the cheese. It could easily take the place of olives on an any cheese plate because it has those deep earthy flavors, just without the brine aspect. Of course, I'd eat it just slathered on some bread with tomatoes too. Or simply dolloped upon a cracker, as seen on the right.

So there you have it. We had a lovely evening dining at home. The pics below are just some other shots - the salad, the bread, my wine out on the balcony, and the last bit of light over the GG bridge. But lest you think I've gone completely domestic, we are headed out to old favorite Roti tonight and I'm finally hitting up Frisee later in the week, a place which seems equally friendly to both vegans and others. Kind of like me!


Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog after running a search for dr-cow! Love your blog; I just had my first taste of dr-cow - its divine. I found it in a tiny tiny shop in NJ of all places! keep up the great blogging!

ps - wish I was you living in SF - LOVE it there.

Sky said...

Thanks, Angelina. SF really is a great place, but I'm from NJ originally and the fact that you can get Dr. Cow there has got to make it a little better, right? :)