Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sky and Shelley Eat SF: Sunday

On Sunday morning we took our time getting up and out of the house and then headed to ye olde standby: Herbivore. If you want a big hearty vegan breakfast done right, there is no better place to go. And, if you're like me, you'll be a freak and ask for the regular menu so you can order the large salad with grilled tofu for your first meal of the day. I know it's not "normal" breakfast, but it is just that good.Shelley, slave to tradition that she is, went for a more traditional breakfast and got the gargantuan breakfast burrito. Packed to the gills with scrambled tofu, black beans, salsa, guacamole and vegan sour cream, and served up with home fried potatoes, it is a massive and sublimely savory beginning to the day. You can't really tell from the photo, but that burrito is the size of your head. Even the preggers and starving Shelley didn't finish it.

That was enough to keep us going until dinner (well, that and about a ton of kettle corn from the Farmer's Market) and our destination for said meal was a new favorite: Gracias Madre. Just like last time, my only complaint was the communal seating and the semi-lame service. Also, like last time, the food more than made up for both of those things. Above you have our starters of Ensalada de Caesar and Guacamole con Tostadas. Both were delicious. The salad was perfectly crunchy and refreshing. There might have been a little too much of the dressing, but it was so good I didn't care. As for the guacamole, it's as perfect as you can get anywhere.

The real stars of the night, however were the roasted brussel sprouts and cashew cheese gratin with garlic breadcrumbs (left) and the crispy potatoes with nacho "cheese" (right). The former was a perfectly cooked, pipin' hot, oozey plate of goodness. Comfort food at its finest. The latter had a bit of a kick to it in the nacho cheese, and the potatoes were a wonderfully crispy vehicle to deliver that creamy sauce to my belly. Once again, the food at GM wowed me, and I can't wait to go back yet again to try some more things from the menu!

Then, because we somehow managed to still have room in our bellies (or at least we told ourselves we did), we took a short drive to Bernal Heights for the sweet ending that is Maggie Mudd. As usual, I had the mini-waffle sundae you see above. It's a scoop of Tarmac (chocolate with peanut butter and oreos) inside a waffle cone bowl and topped with chocolate sauce, peanut butter sauce, chocolate sprinkles and whipped "cream". Swoon. It's sweet, cold, cruelty-free, and downright scumptious. It may not be Lula's, but I'm so glad they're here in SF.

After all this, we still had one more day of eating ahead of us. Tell you about it next time!


Gary said...

oooo.... those brussel sprouts look good! All these new places for us to visit when we're there again! I miss the food of San Fran (as well as my favorite vegan resident!)

Sky said...

Those sprouts were, indeed, amazing. :)

Indianapolis injury lawyer said...

Delicious plates. :)