Friday, January 22, 2010

Sky and Shelley Eat SF: Monday

Ok, so in the interest of moving on from last weekend and getting back into the present, I will be brief about our Monday eats. I also took but one lonely picture, so that helps with the brevity.

We started the day with Ike's. Phoning our order in, as any sane person knows to do, we were told we could pick up our sammies in an hour. Not bad for what was technically a weekend (thanks, MLK). Still, when we got there there was a long line of people braving the rain for the goodness that is an Ike's sandwich. Needless to say, ours were amazing, and if you haven't gone to Ike's there is something seriously wrong with you. Moving on.

For dinner, we decided to have the best vegan pizza in San Francisco (and perhaps the world) and head to Beretta. I must admit that every time I go there I get a little worried. Will it be as good as I remember it? I've hyped it so much. What if it isn't really the best vegan pizza? This place is not a vegan restaurant after all..... And then it shows up.

One bite of the crisp crust, sweet red sauce, salty "cheese" and earthy mushroom and all my fears subside. Beretta is still the best. The pic is of the described vegan funghi, but Shelley ordered outside the box and got the potato pizza with brocollini instead of radichhio (and vegan cheese instead of regular of course) and that shit was amazing too! Now I want to go back and get all sorts of interesting pizzas. You should too. Beretta, man..... goddamn. SO GOOD.

And that is how our wonderful visit ended. Well, for me anyway. Shelley had to deal with a 5 hour flight delay - on a red-eye, no less. Still, SF food is worth a little delay when compared to the options in Boston (seriously, Boston, what up?) so hopefully Shelley will be back to eat again sometime soon.

Until then, I've got other pals to dine with and plenty more restaurants to enjoy, so stay tuned!


hannah said...

Sky, you are awesome for spreading the yummy vegan word. I love reading your posts and keeping me up to date on the happenin' V places!!
Maybe a book is in your future???

Sky said...

Thanks Hannah - I kind of doubt it about the book, but never say never, right? :)

Amanda C said...

you had me until i saw MUSHROOM. if I could only get over shrooms.

Sky said...

There's so few and they're so perfectly cooked. Shelley is not a big fan either and yet she loved the pizza. And plus, whatever, they'll make it without for freaks like you.