Sunday, January 10, 2010

Holidays Back Eats: Pala and Caravan

Okay, folks. Time for the last installment of my Holiday Eats. It's Sunday and I'm headed to a massage pretty soon, so I'll keep this short.

Pala makes the best vegan pizza ever. The end. They also make a rather scrumptious salad of simply dressed (and perfectly seasoned) greens and tomatoes (above) but, really, let's talk about the pizza.
When I first went to Pala years ago it happily made vegan cheeseless pizzas for those who desired them. Then they started offering Follow Your Heart and Daiya cheese, and now they have an entire separate vegan menu that is OMG amazing. Maybe Pala will go the route of Cruzer in L.A. and get rid of the animal stuffs altogether and then I will dance in the street and sing from the mountaintops. Until then, it remains my most favorite place to eat well with others in NYC. On this trip I had that the "etna" (above) which has a cherry tomato sauce, eggplant, basil and Daiya cheese. It actually comes with a mix of both Daiya and FYH, but I'm a hardcore Diaya fan. All of the goodness sits on top of the most pillowy, savory crust there ever was. This is certainly fancy pants pizza (as opposed to the cardboard box stuff) but every now and then I wear my fancy pants, and yes, they have an elastic waist. :)

After our meal we proceeded to drink way too much. Good hangover cure? The healthy lunch offerings of Caravan of Dreams. Right up there is our table full of hummus and chapati, miso soup, and a large salad. With some ginger tea and the ability to linger, we left feeling much more like ourselves and ready to travel home. Oh, and the best part of Caravan of Dreams? It's a block and a half from Lula's Sweet Apothecary which makes the best ice 'cream' in universe. Sadly, our bodies (from our sour stomachs to our frozen faces - it was 15 degrees!) couldn't handle it this time around. We will, of course, be back. I can't wait.

Up next, lots and lots of SF eats. It's good to be home.


Gary said...

I didn't know you nver made it to Lulu's. What a shame. Next time your in Jersey-we're there!

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

You picked the best vegan pizza at Pala! I tried 3 different ones & that one is the only one I really liked! The others were just OK.

Sky said...

Really? I've had others at Pala as well and never been disappointed. The etna is especially delicious though. :)