Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holidays Back Eats: Blossom Restaurant

On our first night in NYC, after seeing the truly awesome Fela! on Broadway, we went to dinner at Blossom. This place, with it's warm lighting, small cozy interior, and superb food, is an old favorite that I was happy to revisit. What I remembered from the last time I was there was tasty apps and entrees that took a backseat to stellar desserts, and the same was true this go 'round.

First up I had the Caesar Salad. I'm a big fan of greens, and crispy romaine is one of the best. Topped with creamy dressing, crunchy croutons, and an herbed gomashio to beat the band, it is the perfect way to start your meal at Blossom.

Next up, I made a very difficult decision when picking an entree. I really wanted the Seitan Scaloppini, with its lemon caper goodness and savory mashed potatoes, but when our server starting whispering sweet nothings about a special of fennel crusted tofu served atop mashed parsnips, I was torn. In the end, the husband got the seitan, and I got the special. And special it was! I love (LOVE) fennel and parsnips so this really worked for me. My only complaint would be that the tofu was a bit soft for my liking. Still, truly delicious. Luckily, my husband saved some forkfulls of the heavenly seitan for me as well. If you're ever at Blossom you must try it.

Now for the show stopper. The dessert menu changes pretty often but if there's ever a mention of chocolate ganache, don't even think twice - just order it. Last time I had a peanut butter cake coated in the sweet brown yumness. This time around, it was a block of the deepest, richest, most wonderful chocolate ever. It was dense, gooey, and stick-to-the-fork amazing. To make it even better, a swirl of peanut butter sauce led to the perfect amount of vanilla ice cream to cut the richness. Sublime.

The people from Blossom also own Cocoa V, an all vegan chocolate shop across the street from the restaurant, and if my dessert is any indication, they make some good stuff. Sadly, they were closed by the time we finished our dinner. Gotta save something for next time I suppose...

Speaking of next times, next time I blog I'll be dishing up the best spot for vegan pizza in NY. Stay tuned.

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