Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Salad Simplicity at Park Chow

Every now and then even the most prepared vegans among us find ourselves in an omnivorous establishment mightily hoping to find a vegan delight on the menu. Such was the case last week when I met some pals at Park Chow for lunch. A San Francisco institution, the restaurant is a favorite among our town's residents, and with its proximity to Golden Gate Park, lovely upstairs patio, and a menu heavy on local, organic comfort food, I can see why. Still, local and organic does not translate to vegan, so I was a bit wary.

Turns out Park Chow is very vegetarian-friendly, and even has a few options for us vegans. Offerings include pizzettes (sans cheese of course), veggie noodles with tofu and a chili citrus sauce, lots of veggie side dishes, and a number of salads (some need cheese removed) like my organic greens, above.* Dressed in a lemon and shallot vinaigrette, and including some yummy fresh herbs, it was a very solid salad and made for a delicious and light lunch. Because of this, I hereby declare Park Chow a good place to Eat Well With Others. You heard it here first.

Next up: Delicious food in way-too-small portions for way-too-much money.

*There is also a veggie burger on the menu, but I did not find out if it is vegan. If you know for sure, please pass along the info!

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