Sunday, September 27, 2009

Minneapolis: Fast and Furless

Every now and then I actually take a break from eating to do other things, and one of my favorite other things is shopping. When I can combine animal advocacy with shopping, and maybe even get a vegan snack or two along the way, I'm a happy camper. Such was the case at Fast and Furless in Minneapolis.

This little shop is jam packed with all sorts of vegan goods - from the great clock you see above to these awesomely cute and super comfy Ragazzi shoes I picked up for just $25!

Fast and Furless also has tons of wallets, belts, t-shirts, and books - not to mention a whole section of snacks, including those awesome candy bars from Go Max Go I love so much. Being able to shop while supporting a cause so close to my heart is a win-win, and I definitely recommend a stop at F&F next time you find yourself in Minneapolis.

Speaking of causes close to my heart, don't forget that the Farm Sanctuary Walk is coming up! Please consider donating in support. Any amount, however small, really makes a difference in the lives of the animals they care for. Visit my page for all the info.

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