Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Being a Gemini, I can appreciate duality. Everyone has opposing forces within, and that's what makes people so interesting. However, if there are two voices inside your head and one says "Let's make really, really good food," and the other says, "Let's serve it in stupidly small, overpriced portions," then I can not be down. Such is the case at Olea.

I wanted to try Olea ever since checking out the menu online. There was a vegan entree listed so I emailed to find out if they always have a vegan option. I got a quick reply (like that) of yes (love that) and was psyched to dine there. So you see, I wanted to like them. Really I did. And then the food came...

And it was DELICIOUS! I mean this stuff was seriously yummy. On the left is a greens and strawberry salad (hold the feta) and on the right is quinoa with purslane and mushrooms. Both were outstanding. Perfectly ripe strawberries and crisp lettuce dressed to perfection followed by mmmmm-inducing, tender quinoa with earthy mushroom and greens. I mean, I loved it. But those were some crazy tiny plates, and with the total coming up close to $30.... well, I think not. My dining companions concurred. Their portions were tiny (though also yummy) too, and we all ended up having to get other food afterward to fill our stomachs. None of us is an ounce overweight or gluttonous by any stretch of the imagination, by the way. This just wasn't enough food for the price. Sad, because it was really yummy. Oh well...

Next up: A late night Marina joint with the perfect post-drinking, pre-passing out eats.

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