Monday, March 30, 2009


I love all (vegan) food from the Mediterranean portion of the globe. There is something about simply prepared greens and veggies, hearty breads, and good olive oil that just does it for me. Of course, the wine doesn't hurt either. So, when I went to Burma Superstar the other night and walked past Troya I was intrigued. Checking it out online later, I knew I had to go. The menu looked delicious, with many items being inherently vegan or easily veganizable. Saturday night, the hubby and I finally made our way there.

First off, I loved the warm lighting and our table in the window. Any time I can combine people-watching with good eats makes me very happy. Also keeping me happy was the HUGE basket of bread and the plate of olive oil and spices that hit the table right off the bat. Love means not having to ask for more bread, I say. We also had some beautiful warm olives. Note to self: Start warming up olives at home before serving them.

Second up were the spreads. Hands down the best hummus I've had a long while, but even better was the amazing Bell Pepper Walnut Spread. I don't really even like bell peppers, but this was sweet and earthy and just plain wonderful. If you go to Troya and don't try it, you're no friend of mine. The third spread was yogurt. Blech. But, the husband thought it was tolerable.

We also split a delicious eggplant salad, kind of like a caponata, as well as a super cute lentil salad. I say cute because the lentils were itty-bitty and adorable. No, mom, that is not my biological clock you hear ticking - it's my stomach growling just thinking of those tiny bites of goodness. The feta on the side went untouched, I'm happy to say. Who needs animal milk curdled with stomach lining to have a good salad? Not us!

We additionaly split some sides of greens and sauteed veggies, both of which were great. All in all, this was a fantastic meal, and I'll be back to Troya in the future. That bell pepper spread alone is enough to get any vegan or other through their door, trust me.

Oh, and if that weren't enough, I came home to have dessert:

My awesome friend mande me vegan peanut butter cups! Unfortunately, she made them while I was on my raw food cleanse, so I froze them (those are ice crystals, not sugar on top). Let me tell you, all peanut butter cups should be eaten this way. It was so damn delicious. Thanks, anonymous friend. :) Here's wishing your friends make you something sweet sometime soon too....


Gary said...

I may be older but even I don't confuse lentils with babaies no matter how small and cute they are! This place need to be on our Aug list too for the olives and bread alone!!

Sky said...

You realize you'll only be here for a week and have put about 50 restaurants on the "must" list. Too funny. :)