Saturday, March 28, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

A while back, I donned my food nerd hat and headed over the bridge to Tyler Florence's store in Mill Valley. I wanted to get little cheese knives to serve up some Dr. Cow, but more importantly I wanted to check out what all Mr. Florence deemed worthy to sit upon his shelves. I did manage to find the perfect little knives among the plates, servers, appliances, and other utensils, and I loved the library full of cookbooks (some vegetarian ones too!) in the back, but I was most intrigued by the food items. Almost a whole wall was dedicated to olive oils, spreads, mixes, sauces, and the like, and I had a great time reading labels and seeing what was what. Then, just as I was approaching the end of the wall, some Apple Cinnamon Pancake Mix caught my eye.
I read the label and couldn't believe my eyes - it was VEGAN! I read it again, and even made the husband read it just to be sure, but lo and behold, there, among the fine foods, was an all vegan pancake mix. This "just add water" treasure came home with me then, and I finally got around to making them this morning. All I can say is YUM. Along with some tempeh bacon strips, a pat or two (or three) of Earth Balance, and a generous portion of organic maple syrup, it was the perfect Saturday breakfast:

The moral of the story here is to read labels, folks. Not all vegan things are marketed as such, and there are some real treasures to be found. I hope your weekend got off to a great start as well. Now get out and enjoy it!

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Gary said...

We'll have to get some of that in August. Looks delish!