Friday, March 6, 2009

Nope, still no good....

In case you were wondering, there still exists no really good vegan mac and cheese. At least not the kind that comes from a box. When I was over at Cosmo's Online getting the previously mentioned white chocolate chips, I was thrown by the $10 minimum. Short on time but in desperate need of the wcc, I hurriedly decided to try some new mac and cheese, hoping that perhaps things have changed. Well, I just fixed it up, and I'm sad to report there has been no breakthrough in the vegan instant macaroni world. While this brand was the creamiest and looked pretty dang yummy (see above), there was just a weird sweetness I couldn't get past. I only was able to eat a quarter of it before I could go no further. And, trust me, getting me to stop eating is not easy, especially when I'm hungry. Still, if you want to give it a try, it's made by Leahey foods. My sources tell me they make some pretty banging soups, so I'll throw those in my virtual basket next time I need to make it to $10 at Cosmo's. Oh, who am I kidding - I'll just get more white chocolate chips. Those things are amazing.

Off to Calistoga for the Mustard, Mud, and Music Festival and I'll be gone all weekend. Fun drinking, noshing, and grooving shall ensue. A full report to follow.


Joselle said...

Once I discovered baked, soul food style mac and cheese, I never could go back to eating the boxed stuff, which I ate plenty of as a child.

But there is one company who makes some boxed vegan mac and cheese and it wasn't bad. Actually, it tasted pretty much like I remember Kraft tasting. So, if that's the taste you're after, it's available. I don't remember the name of the company but they sell it at Stop and Shop so it's not hard to get. They are based in Vermont.

As for the ooey, gooey baked stuff, I just have to live without it.

Sky said...

I like my mac and cheese with a healthy dose of convenience, so I'm always looking for the latest in boxed yummies. I think you may be talking about Road's End Organics vegan mac, Joselle. I've had it and it is probably the best, but still not quite there. This is, however, high up on my list of things I'm willing to live without as well, considering the alternative. :)