Wednesday, April 1, 2009

VegNews Speaker Series

I'm crazy busy trying to get ready for my trip to New Jersey and New York City, but I wanted to pop in quickly and tell you what I did last night: I was lucky enough to attend the very first VegNews speaker series! Hosted by Millennium, we started with an hour of delicious hors d'oeuvres and wine. I loved the assorted bruschetta and the cucumber cups with mango salsa, but my favorite were the tempeh kabobs with peanut sauce. I definitely had my fare share of all these yummy little bites.

The next hour we, the audience, sat in rapture while the guest of honor answered questions from Joseph Connely, VegNews' editor-in-chief. And who was in the hot seat you ask? None other than Jeffery Moussaieff Masson. This prolific, animal-friendly author was made famous by his books on animal emotions and intelligence, such as When Elephants Weep and Dogs Never Lie About Love, but he has now penned a new work on veganism, The Face on Your Plate.

It only makes sense that a man who studied the feelings of animals would then go vegan, but to see how much it has benefited his health and vitality is inspiring to all those who meet him. At 68 he is full of energy, life, and humor... and he's fired up about animal rights!
After some audience Q&A, we all enjoyed dessert bites and coffee while mingling with animal-friendly friends. I hope to attend more of these VegNews events, and from chatting up many of the staff last night, I hear that there are many in works. Hooray! For now, however, it's back to laundry and packing. Next up I'll be writing about all the yummy Manhattan eateries. I'm psyched, so stay tuned....