Monday, April 13, 2009

Sweet Treats

We may have been full of Teany goodness (see previous post), but we didn't let that stop us from having a snack. Plus, we had gone directly to MooShoes afterwards and burned off some calories trying on all sorts of gorgeous footwear! Remarkably, neither of us got anything, though I did fall in love with a $265 bag from Matt&Nat. My 30th birthday is in less than 2 months. Just sayin'....

What was my point again? Oh yeah, snacks! With no real plans until dinner, we swung by Economy Candy to sate our sweet teeth. Boy oh boy is this place amazing. I'm not really a candy person, but I could have wandered the aisles of old school candy, bulk bins, nuts, and other sweet paraphernalia for hours. This jam-packed store is filled with all things candy, including a few hard-to-find vegan items, like vegan M&M's. Ok, so they're not the brand name stuff, (they're actually called "chocolate discs") but they taste like the real deal and even come in mint and mocha varieties. One can also find vegan marzipan, turkish delight, and jellybeans here, just to name a few.

Refreshed by our sugar high, we trekked 20 blocks or so to Pure Food and Wine's Takeaway, in hopes of finding my friend some Dr. Cow cheese. Poor thing can't get it where she lives in Boston. Even more sad was that they had just sold out. They did however, have amazing-looking raw mallomars:

Undaunted, we got some info on a place called Live Live (first live with the short vowel sound, second with the long) that also carried the Dr. Cow. This raw food store came through, and my friend was rewarded with the yum that is the aged cashew cheese, while I got to sample the most savory raw onion rings I ever did eat. Nothing like trying to get raw onion taste out of your mouth though. Let's just say it lingers.

In any event, we headed out, Dr. Cow in hand, wandered some more, and got a bottle of wine to go with dinner since our destination for the evening was BYO.... but more on that next time. Now I must go back to my jet-lag-induced stupor. It's good to be home. :)


Suzy Vincent said...

GEEZ Sky, you've got my head spinning with NY places to go during my October visit... I'd wanted to go to Pure Food & Wine, now Teany and that very cool candy store... I won't have any room for Aslan & Tanesha's wedding feast!

Sky said...

This is just the tip of the iceberg! NYC has so much great vegan food you could easily spend a month there and not eat it all!