Monday, October 19, 2009

The Wonderful World of SF

Even though I wasn't feeling so hot this past weekend, I was happy to be back at home in San Francisco, and definitely happy to be around for some great food!

As is typical for a sunny Saturday, the line at Ike's was ridiculous. Rather than wait 2 hours for a sandwich (though, really, they're worth it), we went around the corner to Harvest Market and got pre-made vegan sandwiches to go. Not too shabby. However, the reason we were in the neighborhood at all was that Saturday was San Francisco's first Vegan Bake Sale, with all proceeds going to Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue. $2600 was raised, and me and the hubby made our contribution by buying these sweets:

Our faves? Well, that molten brownie was pretty much liquid chocolate (a very good thing in my book), but the baklava totally stole the show. Best vegan baklava evah. And from a bakery I never even heard of no less! Fat Bottom Bakery (love the name) will definitely be hearing from me again. Thanks to Vegansaurus and all the bakers - I can't wait for the next bake sale!

For dinner that night we decided to stay in and do it ourselves. I had been craving peanut sauce and found a great soba noodle in peanut sauce recipe online. I added brocolli, used a little less sesame oil, garnished with fresh cilantro, and since I had no 'Szechuan Sauce' (whatever that is) I used sriracha (a fave). It turned out so dang delicious, and looked pretty to boot!

After our spicy and savory meal we both wanted something a little sweet. I remembered that Fraiche had just opened up in our hood so we popped on over.

Oh. My. God. Their soy frozen yogurt is so good. It's organic, just sweet enough with a slight yogurt tang, and melts in your mouth like a slice of probiotic-filled heaven. And the toppings! I went for shaved dark chocolate and strawberries, but they had all sorts of berries and nuts, as well as figs, oatmeal, cookie crumbles.... I could eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and be a happy lass. I was very happy to see it was packed when we were there and I'm wishing them a long life in our neighborhood!

I'll be around SF until Christmas time now (ahhhh......) so stay tuned for Bay Area eats galore.


Fat Bottom Bakery said...

Hey, I'm so stoked to have found your blog through all the Vegan Bakesale stuff (it's great)-- and even more excited you loved our baklava! Thanks for the compliment!
Check out our blog if you want. We'll soon have a wrap up of the bakesale, and we post news about events we'll be selling at. Hopefully we'll see at one again!

Fat Bottom Bakery said...

Er, see YOU at one. You know.

Sky said...

Oh I'll definitely be at the next one - hopefully baking something as well! Definitely not baklava though got that market cornered. :)