Monday, October 5, 2009

Off to NYC, But Back For The Bake Sale

My two weeks as a strict nutritarian has been great. I feel healthy and well-balanced and I will be eating this way most of the time from now on. My plan is to be a nutritarian at home, but to bring restaurant dining back into the picture. Speaking of which, there's no better place to break my restaurant fast than New York, so that's where I'm headed. The husband and I will be celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary (and 10 years of dating!) in the Big Apple before heading down to New Jersey for my brother's wedding. I'm so excited for the wedding, and pscyhed that my dad will be making the vegan food, so I know I'll be well cared for. In NYC, we'll be hitting all the hip spots like MooShoes, Babycakes, and Lula's, and will be returning to one of our favorites, Counter, for our anniversary dinner. Should be a great time, so definitely stay tuned for all the details.

The trip will be fantastic, but I'm also psyched that I'll be back in San Francisco for the VEGAN BAKE SALE!!!

I'll be there from noon-2 helping out (and chowing down, no doubt) so swing by, say hello, and get some of the yummiest treats you ever did try, baked by some of SF's best vegan bakers! Even better is that the proceeds go to Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue. You get yummies, and the cats keep purring. See you there!

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