Sunday, October 18, 2009

Counter, NYC

I first went to Counter years ago and loved it. I mean what's not to love? It's a fantastic veg restaurant and an organic wine bar in one. Yippee! Turns out it's still pretty great after all these years. Sadly, I couldn't get any good food pics because of the lighting but that's ok. After all, it's the romantic low lighting which also makes it perfect for anniversary dinners like ours. So, ignoring the craptastic photos, let's talk about the deliciousness....

The one difference between my previous trip to Counter and this go 'round is that they've switched to a primarily small plates menu. I don't mind this because it means we get to share a whole bunch of stuff, like the beans and flatbread above. I loved the carrot sauce underneath the beans, but generally speaking both items were both just okay.

Luckily the mediocrity did not last long. The portabello slider was so adorable, and that tiny package packed a huge flavor punch. The vegan mayo, veggies, and mustard all popped in your mouth, and made the savory mushrooms sing. Red cabbage slaw on the side? Perfection. Needless to say, we did not share this tiny bite but got 2 so that we could each have our own.
Super yummy, yes, but the best dish of the evening, by far, was the summer corn with heirloom tomatoes and dates. Yes, dates! The sweetness of the corn is enhanced by the sugars in the dates, and the tomatoes give just enough acidity to keep this from becoming dessert. Amazing. I will be putting dates in my corn for years to come. Thanks for the enlightenment, Counter.

We had other things like some greens and wax beans that were also yum, but really the pictures are just horrible. You'll have to trust me when I tell you that the food at Counter is beautiful, well-prepared, and absolutely scrumptious. Of course I recommend going for yourself just to be sure. :)

Coming soon: The goings on back here in SF, including some home made goodness, the wonder of the vegan bake sale, and a new fantastic frozen yogurt place that's vegan-friendly.

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