Saturday, May 23, 2009


*Before this post officially begins, I just want to say to Jennifer that if you want the cookies you won, please contact me (see Winners post below). I'll give you a few more days and then I'll do another drawing. The ginger cookies need a happy home! Now, moving on....*

Always on the lookout for new vegan-friendly places to take my others, I happily stumbled upon Specchio's website a while back. It took some time, but I finally got around to going to the real deal.

Before making the trek, I had read a bunch of reviews, and most people felt the need to weigh in on Specchio's decor. Personally, I liked the combination of modern and antique, as though it were San Francisco's version of Italy. Honestly though, I'm really all about the food at restaurants. Ambiance is nice, but feed me good food and all decorating nightmares shall be forgiven.

You know I love when bread and olive oil is brought to the table before the ordering even happens. Score one for Spechhio. Sadly, I was distracted by this offering, and I think I just plain ordered wrong. The chef (owner?) talked to us and was happy to make a special vegan entree just for me. However, I was seriously in the mood for pizza, so I got the Margherita Con La Rucola, or regular old pizza topped with Arugula for the non-Italians (myself included). I simply had them remove the cheese.

Don't get me wrong, this was really delicious and hit the spot - I've just had the same thing done way better at other places. Next time, I'll let the chef have at it, or try any of the conveniently vegan salads which sounded super yummy (fennel, orange, and black olives, anyone?). For the record, my partner-in-crime really loved her orecchiette pasta with pistachio pesto. This was one of the things the chef offered to make for me without dairy, and it might have been better than the pizza. Only one way to find out I guess.... I'll have to go back! You should get there too. It's a great little spot on Mission Street serving up yummy food in a unique atmosphere. Just don't order a cheese-less pizza. :)

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