Friday, May 15, 2009

Liz Lovely For Everyone!

The awesome (AWESOME!) folks over at Liz Lovely make the best vegan cookies.... err, strike that.... the best dang cookies on the planet, vegan or not. They also run a coolio little fan page over on Facebook where they often give away these circles of yum to overjoyed fans. Recently, I was one such lucky winner, and just yesterday I received the most wonderful present on my doorstep:

Opened, it revealed a package of every one of the rich and decadent flavors LL makes. That's 8 packages of two huge cookies each, for those of you keeping track. Check 'em out:

For the record, you're looking at Macaroonies Sock-it-to-Me, Peanut Butter Classics, Ginger Snapdragons, Cowboy Cookies, Cowgirl Cookies, Goats a' Grazin, Chocolate Moose Dragons, and Snicker Dudes. It's enough to make my head spin... and my waistline grow!

Regarding the latter, should you choose to read the nutritional info on these guys (and really, you might want to skip it), you could assume there's been a mistake. But, no, it's true that each one of these cookies has about 400 calories a pop. They are cholesterol and cruelty - free, of course, but there's been no skimping on fat, sugar, or chocolate here, and that makes for great taste! However, it also means that if a wee person like myself eats the two cookies that come in a package, I've eaten about half my caloric intake for the day. This knowledge will not keep me from eating through this whole box though, so I've come up with a win-win situation I think you'll like:

I'm giving them away! (Ok, well not all of them, but most. I gotta have my faves, and so does the husband). This way I don't eat my way to bigger jeans, and I get to share with you all some of the yummiest treats the world has to offer. How to win, you ask? Simply leave a comment on this posting stating why you'd like to try some vegan cookies between now and May 22. On said day, I will pick 5 people at random to each get a package of cookies. If you're picked, I'll have you send me your address, and off to the post office I'll go. A few days later you'll have super-moist, tooth-aching goodness to consume courtesy of your friendly vegan blogger.

So, go ahead and enter. Vegans, others, family, friends, strangers, lurkers - you're all encouraged. I can't wait for you to try these cookies!


Amanda said...

OH heeeeyyyyy. I should win because I am first and it shows I am a devoted reader of this blog. Score 1 for loyalty! Ahem:/

But there's this health food store over in Piscataway that sells vegan cookies - a brand from California though I forget the name. In any case, I am always blown away by the flavor and would like the opportunity to try more brands, new flavors.

I'm partial to peanut butter and snicker dudes.


shelley said...

These cookies are amazing...Wouldn't want you to have to send them to the east coast, but wanted to put in my 2 cents! snicker dudes are awesome, as are the ginger ones! I hope you guys enjoy!

Lindsey said...

A haiku for you about cookies:

I love vegan treats,
With cookies you can't go wrong,
Make me some s'mores too.


TheLyonHart said...

Here is a vegan limerick for your consideration...

"There once was a rapping tomato,
that's right I said rapping tomato.
He rapped all day
from april to may
and oh yeah guess what it was me."

Sarah said...

Which ones are you keeping? They all sound delicious! I too have oft been surprised by the calorie content of vegan organic cookies...guess all natural and non-chemically preserved doesn't necessarily equal low fat. I want the macaroonies, ginger ones, or cowgirl you wouldn't even have to ship them!

Amanda said...

I agree Sarah - the vegan cookies I mentioned are an astounding 580 calories each!!!

But they eat like a meal so I guess it all evens out!

Gary said...

Hey-if you want to up that calorie count serve with Nasoya Chocalate Silken tofu-already presweetened and tasting like rich pudding!! Peanut butter please!!

melitalee said...

Ohhhhh I would love to try the cookies - but only if they are the gluten free kind. But even if not....I have yet another decadent cookie to try. And their calories aren't all that bad. Thanks!!!

Sky said...

Some clarifications:

1. These are not the gluten-free LL cookies, though they do make those (I told you they were awesome).

2. I am keeping the Chocolate Moose Dragons for me and the Cowboy Cookies for my husband. Another package of a yet to be determined variety is making its way to a chef friend of mine tomorrow, so its out of the running, leaving 5 for you lucky readers to win.

3. This is not so much clarification, but more to make you drool: I just topped a Chocolate Moose Dragon with a scoop of vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream and had to take a moment to thank the universe for blessing me so thoroughly. These cookies melt in your mouth. Needless to say the other cookie in the package went into the freezer where it will wait for a warm, PMS, kind of day.... like maybe tomorrow?? :)

Keep the comments coming, y'all. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Because I want to be like Sky! - JRL

Jennifer said...

OMG! I had the ginger snap cookies a few weeks ago and am hooked!!!

phil said...

ok, i HATE packaged, premade food. Let me start my review that way.
However, Sky gave me a pack of these cookies (oatmeal rasin) and much to my surprise, they were AMAZING! Good ingredients, exceptional taste and texture. If only they were local. Guess i have to remain to my philosophy of make my own but damn, these are some exceptional cookies.
thanks Sky!


Amanda said...

ive had to play the sympathy card

im a student on a budget.
and i like cookies.

and aslan never does anything nice for me.
but you can. YOU can.

because youre sweet like sugah.

Joselle said...

Brian will want these. I will too but I try my best to fatten him up rather than me. I am entering.

Contests are a great way to get shy lurkers to comment, aren't they?

Sky said...

Amanda, you do realize that you only get one entry no matter how many times you comment, right?

And Joselle - it really is fun seeing people come out of the woodwork. :)

Amanda said...

wow youre really doing this by the book eh?

Justin London said...

Betsey and I should get some cookies because we are your faithful Minnesota cousins. And we are foodies. And we will send you homebaked vegan friendly cookies in return.

Suzy Vincent said...

OMG Sky am I EVER SORRY that I've been too busy with work and storm-damage-roof-repair-issues to enter this contest (though your Twitter did faithfully deliver more than adequate reminders)!

This sounds like heaven, and a lesson in life priorities has been learned the hard way :-(

Sky said...

Ha! Sorry you missed the contest, Suzy, but if the mysterious Jennifer doesn't claim her prize in the next week, I'll have another drawing for her ginger cookies, and maybe you'll win then.

That being said, Jennifer, get in touch - you have cookies waiting for you! :)