Monday, March 19, 2012

Northern Bites

A quick nod to two vegan-friendly establishments north of the Golden Gate. The first one has been written up before (though I just now see that I spelled its name wrong throughout the post), but is worth another mention for their quality food and location. Seriously, if you haven't tried Guaymas, you really should.

Sit outside on a nice day, and enjoy fresh guacamole and salsas and... this salad perhaps. Full of crisp lettuce, veggies, and avocado, it also comes with a creamy (sans cream of course) cilantro dressing that is super yummy. Plus, it's served in a tortilla bowl. Anything served in deep fried dough is a winner in my book. :) Speaking of dough....

That was my arugula topped marinara pie at Pizzeria Tra Vigne in St. Helena. It is, quite simply, perfect post-wine tasting fare. Their dough, sauce, and all non-cooked veggie toppings are vegan. The sauteed veggies, like the mushrooms and onions, however, are done in butter. Trust me, that still leaves you PLENTY of topping options.

Hope you all have a lovely week. My friend and writing partner, Shelley, is arriving tomorrow from Boston, so stay tuned for some of our delicious eats!

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