Saturday, March 10, 2012

All My SF Favorites

My parents are safe and sound back home in NJ now, after yet another wonderful visit to the Bay Area. We saw the sites, enjoyed some quality time together and, of course, had some
delicious eats. I'll write about the new-to-us food (and boy was it incredible), but I thought I'd put up a quick post about all the old favorites we visited during the week. These are the mid-range restaurants that deliver consistently tasty meals, visit after visit. First up was Cha-Ya:

The seaweed salad is just the tip of the iceberg at this all-vegan sushi joint. No frills. Just fantastically fresh and flavorful food.

Of course, we also had to head over the Bay Bridge for the cashew cheese pizza at Gather. It's slightly spicy and spiked with salty olives. Plus it has the best crispy yet chewy crust you ever could imagine.

In my neighborhood lives a great go-to meal, the farmer's market salad (sans cheese) with mini veggie burgers at Roam. The side of sweet potato fries is optional, but highly recommended.

And lastly, my mom's favorite meal in all of SF: The veggie dog and tater tots from Underdog. A classic done so well.

These are just a few of the reasons I love living in SF. Stay tuned for some of the over-the-top edibles from their visit soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the weekend, everyone!


Andrew Bellware said...

I have a question for the vegan epicure.
You know how everyone from Africa goes on and on without ever shutting up about how we don't know what bananas really taste like and our bananas have no flavor and you really need to have some (say) Ugandan bananas?
Where can you get those kinds of bananas in the US. I'm presuming they have to be flown in.

Sky said...

You hear some crazy shit, my friend. I was in Africa. All over. The bananas were alright. Whatever bananas I get in CA are just as delicious if not more. I will say, however, that only organic bananas have any taste.

Tenneh said...

What's the white stuff in the picture of the seaweed salad? Looks a little strange.

Sky said...

Mmmmmm, it's the most delicious miso tahini dressing in the world! :)