Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Source

Why it took me almost a year since The Source opened to finally grab a meal there is beyond me, but that is exactly what happened. Throughout that year, I continually heard great things about the all-veg eatery, so when I took my parents last week, I had high expectations. Expectations that were FAR exceeded. Let's see some food, shall we?

First up was this artichoke and spinach fondue appetizer. Holy crap. I hadn't had artichoke and spinach dip in more than 15 years I'd guess, but this reminded me of a warm and even tastier version. There was just a hint of truffle oil, and the soft pita for dipping was divine. What a way to start the meal.

I had the Living Platter, which combines a few of their raw salads, a hemp seed tabouleh, some raw crackers with tasty sauce, and savory marinated mushrooms. My favorite part was definitely the Caesar salad, which I will order as a started on my next visit for sure. All in all a very solid raw food meal.

For dessert? A chocolate peanut butter snowball. Mmmmmm..... Not into chocolate and peanut butter? After you get the professional help you obviously need, try a "Twinkee":

Light and fluffy and sugary and so damn good.

I also tried delicious bites of my table mates' cashew cheese pizza, and Peking "Quack" spring rolls. Both were so good, and the best part of The Source is that the menu is so damn big you could go many, many (MANY) times and try something new each visit. That's my plan, and I hope to see you there!

PS - My only complaint about The Source is that it's not all vegan. Every menu item can be made vegan, and delectably so, so why not just take the plunge and commit, Source???