Friday, March 25, 2011

Roaming Again

Last night I went back to ROAM. I do so love it there, what with their beet-red (literally) vegan burgers and crispy sweet potato fries. Unlike last time, however, I skipped the bun yesterday and ordered a trio of mini-burgers atop their "Farmer's Market Salad":

Vegans will have to order up the salad without the cojita cheese, but this mix of baby greens, tomatoes, chives, and avocado is the perfect bed on which to rest your mini burgers. I just love this option (all their burgers are available in this form) for a light dinner. Plus, I figure if I skip the bun I can eat more of their awesome sweet potato fries, right? Right.

Had some canceled dinner plans this week, so this is all I have to report. Next week promises to be full of culinary adventure though, so stay tuned! Oh, and don't forget to keep checking out Vegan Favorites. We're gonna have some mega-awesome giveaways coming up that you don't want to miss.

Have a great weekend and eat well, everyone!

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